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Life Changing Learning Experiences

Meet industry experts sharing knowledge by booking a session or registering into their experiences. Have a skill/learning area to teach? List an experience and earn in your time, schedule and rates.

Learn to

dance salsa, bachata and more

exercise effectively

cook a delicious meal

speak a new language

produce music

design something appealing

sing, rap or play instruments

do yoga or practice mindfulness

invest in real estate

grow your business

develop software or apps

Book a private session or register into a livestream on in-person event hosted by people willing to share their knowledge and talents. Whether you want to pursue a new hobby, improve a skill, or just start something new, Sessionz will connect you to impactful learning experiences.

How it Works For Learners

Our Commitment to You

We're committed to delivering a platform that offers meaningful learning experiences. We're also listening and constantly rolling out new features to help you learn and host.

We verify all hosts

We work hard to prevent fake accounts, block abusive users and verify the background of each host.

All listings are reviewed

We review all listings for authenticity and appeal before they get published on the app!

We handle issues and inquiries with care and attention

Report an issues about a session or event within the app. Need help creating a listing? We'd love to help.

We're Always Improving

Sessionz is dedicated to developing new features and capabilities for your learning or hosting experience.

Host and create a new world of possibilities

Share your knowledge and talents and be ready to make additional income and increasing your fanbase/network by hosting sessions and events. Influencer Hosts with large audiences have the potential to make significant income.

How it Works for Hosts

Create a listing
List a session or event defining all important info. Our staff reviews listings before publishing.
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Get Discovered
Once published, you and your listing will be discoverable on the app. We'll also help promote it!
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Manage Bookings and Events
Track and manage session requests and events with ease. Control at your finger tips!
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Host and get paid
After hosting a session or event, we’ll transfer your earnings straight to your bank account. Our app can support up to 100,000 event registrations. That's one potentially big payout!
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Why host on Sessionz?

Unlimited Earning Potential

The app gives your the ability to make significant earnings by sharing your knowledge and talents to people looking to learn from you. You set your rate for a session or event.

Unlimited Listings

Want to list an entire learning area, or one focused topic? Monetize your knowledge and talents on Sessionz. List a session, in person event or livestream event. You can list a one-time event (e.g., a single date/time seminar) or a recurring series (e.g., a workshop taking place on a particular day of the week for a few weeks).

Host Your Way

What’s your rate? What’s your minimum booking time? What's your event fee? Where are you hosting? Yep - you decide.

Host On Your Own Time

Host sessions on your own time and control your availability within the app. If you're hosting an event, be sure to rip the benefits of hosting them!

Accept Or Decline Session Requests

You’ll be notified about every session request. Nothing is confirmed until you accept.

Control & Organize

The app has a smart calendar to make scheduling easier.

Questions? Visit our Help Centre.

Our team is also available 24/7 for assistance to our members.

Experience a rewarding lifestyle

Estimate your earnings hosting on Sessionz

Earnings Calculator (For Sessions)

Hosting area

You can make


per month*

*This calculation is based on your rate in your local currency. As a host you get to choose your rate, availability, and minimum booking time.

About Us

Based in the vibrant city of Toronto, Canada, Sessionz is an innovative educational technology platform driven by a powerful vision: to make education accessible to all, regardless of background or location. We firmly believe that sharing knowledge is at the core of human development and evolution. When you choose Sessionz, you actively contribute to our mission, and for that, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Together, let’s empower individuals and shape a brighter future through education. Thank you for being a part of our journey.

Hosting Available Across North America. Attending Livestream Events Available Worldwide.


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In the meantime...get the Sessionz app directly in the App Store!